Allergan touts acne cream with homage to 'High School Musical'

Posted on Tue Aug 18 2009

Allergan has found a way to make acne fun with a nine-part, star-studded (it has Michael Welch from Twilight!) High School Musical homage for Aczone prescription acne medication. Aczone the Musical! is now running on, Facebook, Yahoo! and YouTube, and features such Broadway-style hits as "Long Live the Queen Bee" (in which the cool girls fawn over the most popular girl), "Little Slice of Purgatory" (exploring guilty feelings over falling asleep in calculus and smoking in the bathroom) and "Cheerleader in Love" (self-explanatory). Welch has a healthy outlook on his participation, telling Buzznet: "I don't mind being a corporate tool if it's a product I believe in. High school is tough enough. You don't need terrible acne problems on top of everything else. It's pretty ironic that we go through our 'awkward' phase during the time in our lives when impressing our peers is so immensely important to us. Why can't we go through our awkward phase when we're 80? Nobody would care! Is Grandma not gonna get into the bingo hall if she's got one too many zits on her T-zone? Is Ethel's eczema gonna prevent her from getting a seat at the Wednesday night bridge table? I don't think so!"

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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