Accenture ads with Tiger Woods sure look a bit funny these days

Posted on Wed Dec 2 2009


It's funny how an unexpected turn of events in real life can make you reassess a superstar's body of work. It's hard to look at O.J. Simpson the same way in those Naked Gun movies, and I'm sure a lot of people are giving Michael Jackson's lyrics a closer read to find signs of drug-induced agony. In the case of Tiger Woods, we can't really make much of his golf games, but what about those Accenture ads from Young & Rubicam? They turn out to be full of karmic goodies. The one below, for instance, shows Tiger looking across a stream and contemplating his options. "It's what you do next that counts," reads the headline. Another is even more prophetic: "The road to high performance isn't always paved." Still another shows Tiger next to a crude line graph that reads "interpretation 60% information 40%." The only difference now is that the second entry should read "0%." UPDATE: OK, 10%.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman




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