Absolut gets zesty with 'Lemon Drop' homage to 1970s movies

By Todd Wasserman on Tue Sep 7 2010

Quentin Tarantino is back with this short film Lemon Drop, a 10-minute webvertainment venture by TBWA\Chiat\Day on behalf of Absolut's lemony brand. The video features all the hallmarks of the director of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, including anachronistic fashions, odd music choices, cameos (in this case, Martin "Sensei" Kove, of the original Karate Kid) and that weird shot where the camera zooms in on something for a bit to long, eliciting unusual sound effects. In addition, the star, Ali Larter, sports a yellow outfit very similar to Uma Thurman's in Kill Bill. Oh wait, this isn't Tarantino? Oh well, it's the closest you'll get until his "slavery-packed Western" hits screens.

Spike Lee takes Absolut on a tour of Brooklyn in latest campaign

Posted on Tue Jun 15 2010

In a throwaway line on Seinfeld years ago, a man looked across the East River and told his son: "That's Brooklyn. Spike Lee lives there." It's hard to think of anyone more associated with that borough. Now, Lee is attempting to give Absolut vodka a bit of that street cred with Absolut Brooklyn, a limited-edition product that's flavored with apple and ginger (Just like Brooklyn!). Lee designed the bottle, and also directed a short film, posted after the jump, which features white rapper/spoken word dude Lemon Andersen singing Brooklyn's praises. "Those stoops where our legends are made/Stickball, front-page, wiffle-ball played," Lemon raps as shots of beautifully expensive real estate go by. And if you can afford a nice place in Park Slope, then the $30 bottle is probably no big deal, either.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

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Kate Beckinsale, Zooey Deschanel dolled up in an Absolut world

Posted on Thu Dec 3 2009

Absolut1 copy

In an Absolut world, women look glamorous and flawless. In the real world, women like myself wonder what the vodka brand's ads are trying to tell us. Absolut and TBWA\Chiat\Day this week unveiled a new set of ads shot by photographer Ellen Von Unwerth featuring actresses Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel, who personify signature Absolut drinks. See the four ads here. Beckinsale is in three of them; Deschanel is in one. In the ad for Absolut Bloody, Beckinsale dons a crimson dress and stares through a broken mirror—a scene that portrays a well-known ghost tale, which inspired the Bloody Mary. The ad for Absolut Cosmo has Deschanel (who is practically unrecognizable as a platinum blonde) dressed as a retro hipster in a pink room with a pink Cosmopolitan. You'd think Absolut were targeting women with these ads, telling us, like cosmetics ads do all the time, that if we drink Absolut, we will somehow morph into these sexy women. But the ads are set to run in male-oriented magazines like Maxim, GQ, Details, Esquire and Sports Illustrated, among others. It seems any reader of those titles would steer clear of a pink Cosmo. Still, whatever the goal may be, the ads are pleasing to the eye, indeed.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

Absolut2 copy

Absolut celebrates Boston in third stop on its favorite-cities tour

Posted on Tue Aug 25 2009


Absolut is toasting Boston with the latest addition to its limited-edition vodkas based on America's favorite cities. Since 2007, it has concocted blends in honor of Los Angeles and New Orleans. Now, it's Boston's turn. Absolut Boston is made with black tea (because of the tea party) and elderflower (because it's the trendy new ingredient). The bottle features what appears to be the Green Monster on its label. The vodka maker has ample opportunity to truly embrace the city by including the terms "wicked awesome" and "go Sawx" on its marketing materials. Some suggested print campaigns include "Absolut Chowdah" and "Absolut Dig" (in honor of the city's glorious road renovation project). Or perhaps an ad could read "Absolut Amnesia" along with the ad copy, "Where'd I paahk my friggin' caah?"

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Absolut satisfies widespread demand for mango-flavored vodka

Posted on Fri Feb 6 2009


Following a massive outcry from the entire country, Absolut has finally launched Absolut Mango. Letters had been pouring in demanding yet another flavored vodka, because Citron, Mandrin, Pears, Peppar, Kurant, Raspberri, Ruby Red, Vanilia and Apeach just weren't enough. There needed to be 10 different types of flavored Absolut. Nine just wasn't filling the void. The one problem: The legion of Absolut consumers, who are accustomed to the brand's wacky spellings (like Apeach and Peppar), will likely be thrown by the word Mango. What, no Mmmango or Mangoo? (Actually, I can see the logic in not picking that last one.)

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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