Guess which discount retailer is making a big deal about 9/9/09?

Posted on Thu Sep 3 2009

Discount store diva 99 cent couture Never let it be said that The 99 Cents Only Store does not take full advantage of any cultural, political or seasonal references to the number nine. So, what to expect at the marketing-savvy, stunt-crazy chain on the upcoming once-in-a-lifetime 9/9/09? In-store weddings for nine couples, with every trimming—including appetizers, party favors, décor and a Chanel-inspired gown—made from products found at the Southern California-based retailer. And lest you think it's a toilet-paper-and-pipe-cleaner affair, check out the photo of the wedding dress, created by Kathy Jacobs, a designer who obviously knows her discount fare (and should maybe consider auditioning for Project Runway). This chain, known for its wacky homemade ads, regularly salutes local 99-year-olds, gives big-ticket swag to the first 99 folks in the door of new stores, and promises that its truck drivers carry "no more than 99 cents." How's that for on-message? Advertising has always harped on its national brands and "shop us first" good value, and that's sharpened even further in the Great Recession. Now, the marketer is basically throwing weddings for free (technically, it'll cost the couples 99 cents for their nuptials). Guess how many tissues they'll need to soak up the tears of joy?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


The ugliest, most awesome Valentine's Day ad you've ever seen

Posted on Tue Feb 10 2009

99-small copy

What to buy that special someone for Valentine's Day? Some people don't have a clue. And these days, they don't have much scratch for pricey goodies. That's where the 99 Cents Only stores come in. Their homemade ads, now running in newspapers in California, Nevada and Arizona, tell would-be Romeos what to buy—and just as important, what not to buy!—for their sweeties. Chocolate rose, adorable stuffed monkey, skimpy undies and whipped cream? Yes! Broom, pregnancy test, douche and anti-fungal cream? No!
  See the "good choice, bad choice" newspaper ad in all its glory here. It's become an annual event for the L.A.-based deep discounter, and the chain's fans often send in e-mail requests for copies. Buyers, PR and marketing executives get together to pick the items that will be featured. "We think everybody could use a laugh right now, so we tried to make it as humorous as possible," says Diana DeLoza, the chain's marketing manager. "That's why we included the Itchy Feet cream. Even the name of the product is funny."
  The chain, which made news last year for mulling a price hike, has remained true to its branding, but has bumped up to 99.99 cents on some items. Still, that's a lovely bargain.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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