901 Silver Tequila wants your best ad ideas ... or any ideas, really

Posted on Tue Sep 8 2009

Now here's a big idea: let Justin Timberlake work his Saturday Night Live music-video magic on the marketing plan for 901 Silver Tequila, the premium liquor brand he owns. Instead, less talented folks like you and me are asked to give it a whirl in a contest that launched last Tuesday (9/01). The somewhat vague marching orders include a call to create a viral video, a "major ad campaign" or "the next breakthrough promotion." Take your pick? The goal, it seems, is to give the brand some talk value in addition to boosting sales. The winner will be named "executive vice president of big ideas," implying that he or she might have to come up with more than one scheme during a year's reign to hold onto that $25,000 prize. Timberlake, the brand's founder and CEO, does make an appearance in the surprisingly unfunny clip posted here, which follows a couple of buffoonish ad guys as they pitch him one lame idea after another. Verdict: tired scenario, weak execution, painful running time. It might not be a bad thing, then, that the brand's fate will be turned over to anyone who enters the contest. But I'm still holding out hope for a repurposed version of "Mother Lover" or "Dick in a Box."

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Justin Timberlake touts another sleek package: 901 Silver tequila

Posted on Wed Jun 24 2009


For 70 years, the heart of the agave plant has been cooked, crushed, fermented and triple distilled to produce the smooth and slightly sweet magic of 901 Silver tequila. And which lucky star is bringing this sexy back on the market in a sleek new package? Mr. Dick-in-the-Box himself, Justin Timberlake, of course! In fact, 901 Silver tequila is named after the (901) area code of the artist's hometown, Memphis (in spite of tequila's origins in Jalisco, Mexico). That said, J.T. was spotted launching the new tequila at a trendy New York club, showing off his Southern swank with a rager that lasted until 11 p.m! If a Timberlake rep is correct and "901 is that time of night when your evening is ending but your night is just beginning," then is 11 p.m. that time of the night when you pay the models for making you look suave, put away your think glasses and noir hat, and climb into bed with your bodyguards? 901 Silver will put you back 40 bucks regardless, and as with all tequila, is the throat burn and throbbing headache worth looking cool for a night you can't remember? Think about it, kid.

—Posted by Allison Shafir



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