Latest Fantana proves you can never have too many Fantanas

Posted on Fri Sep 11 2009

Shakira has joined the Fantanas! Too bad it's Shakira Barrera from Englewood, N.J. Nevertheless, Coca-Cola has named its fourth sexy soda spokesperson for its Fanta brand. A little history: The Fantanas were born in 2002, when Coke decided to relaunch the Fanta brand in the U.S. as a replacement for Orange Slice and a competitor to Sunkist. To show off its variety of flavors, it cast four models in its ads to lip-sync its jingle "Don't You Want To?" They would go on to pose in Maxim and be spoofed by Mad TV. However, as happened with other supergroups like Menudo, new members have been rotated in over the years. This time, the brand announced an open casting call online in April. Barrera was selected from 10 semifinalists, who sent in one-minute videos showing off their "personalities," by a panel of judges, including Chilli from TLC. Barrera's prize includes the opportunity to appear in Fanta's 2009-10 ad campaign as well as $5,000. Considering Fanta has quietly become one of the few carbonated soft-drink success stories of the past decade, the Fantanas have proven yet again that sex sells.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

6 Hour Power helps you get down to business with the secretary

Posted on Wed Mar 11 2009

Slate wonders if this is the most sexually explicit ad ever, and they have a point. If you tend to watch TV after 10 p.m., you may have already seen the ad, or maybe you thought you dreamt it. A sexy secretary gets called into the boss's office. The next shot is the back of the boss's head, as he exclaims, "So fast ... it's working! I'm feeling it!" His chair bobs up and down, causing a framed photo (of his wife?) to come crashing down on the floor. The secretary is nowhere to be seen, leaving us to wonder if she is playing a role in his exaltation. But as it turns out, he's actually slugged down a 6 Hour Power concentrated energy drink. While commercials for products in this segment typically show guys bungee jumping, this one, created in-house by NVE Pharmaceuticals, may be an effective way to sell the stuff, if a bit illogical. After all, the act being simulated here tends to leave the recipient not energized but sleepy.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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