Wrigley getting all secretive and sci-fi to introduce 5 React gum

Posted on Wed Mar 31 2010


Upon visiting 5react.com, you will feel as if you've entered a virtual world or a preview for an upcoming video game. It's hard to believe that such large theatrics (a spaceship-like landing page, sci-fi music, secret messages) were created for the launch of such a small product: gum. How did I find the site? By being one of the lucky ones to receive a black envelope containing a sample of Wrigley's new 5 React gum, 3-D glasses, and a code that promises to "unlock your personalized sensory experience." But it can't be unlocked unless you connect with Facebook and share your experience with friends. I won't spoil the fun for all those waiting for their black envelopes, especially considering the traction this viral effort is getting on 5 React's Facebook page. (It has more than 1 million fans.) I'm putting on my 3-D glasses as we speak.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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