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December 09, 2010

These condoms are pricey, but much cheaper than having a child

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Dec 9 2010


That little Sophie is one pricey bundle of joy, especially when you compare her to the $6 box of condoms you could've used to avoid her "blessed" arrival in the first place. Sir Richard's Condom Co., a new Colorado-based marketer of upscale prophylactics in several sizes and stripes, is launching into the category with nary a mention of the oft-touted pleasure and sensuality. Quite the reverse—the ad campaign is focused solely on how much it will cost you (in dollars and cents, not emotional turmoil) to raise a child in today's economy. Buzz kill! But the numbers don't lie: When a year's worth of diapers cost $1,100, a Bugaboo stroller sells for $750, and private school can run $35k, just $13 for a dozen condoms seems like the ultimate bargain.The ads, breaking this month, are outdoor, online and on-pack. The company, a joint venture between equity partners and TDA Advertising & Design, which also handled the ads, is trying to draw attention to its charitable mission. It will donate one condom in a developing country for each one bought in the U.S., in kind of a randy (and public-health-conscious) version of the Toms Shoes program. Sir Richard's Condoms aren't looking for just any penny pinchers out there, though. The product will sell at fashionable haunts like Fred Segal, Viceroy hotels, Paul Smith menswear boutiques and Whole Foods grocery stores. But boy will it save you later.


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