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December 07, 2010

Levi's gets 50 young women to tell their stories in new campaign

By David Kiefaber on Tue Dec 7 2010


Levi's opened up jeans to women 75 years ago, but now the brand is truly celebrating the ladies. The ubiquitous clothing brand has given journals to 50 inspiring young women for them to document how they're making the world a better place. These journals will play a vital role in Levi's sponsorship of the first-ever TEDWomen conference, which will also feature a documentary film, titled Shape What's to Come, about eight of the most photogenic journal contributors' stories. This is an impressive display of sucking up to a powerful consumer demographic, and an equally brazen, if indirect, display of the "buying stuff as activism" ethic a lot of companies are using. Levi's global vp of women's marketing gushes over how the featured ladies are "changing the world with nothing but raw talent, game-changing ideas and the will to make a difference," while Gen Y consultant Lindsay Pollack says "the media perception of this generation is that they're entitled or coddled or lazy. They're not. We are just intimidated that they don't have any timelines and they are achieving these extraordinary things." Even if that's fake sentiment based on marketing data, it's still nice to hear after so much ink and paper has gone to attacking this generation for coming of age in a horrible job market and tender economy. Hopefully Levi's motives are at least somewhat genuine here, because it looks like some actual good might come of this whole thing.


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