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December 03, 2010

Haul videos come out of the closet for holiday shopping season

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Dec 3 2010

Girlfriend, I just heard about the most amazing bronzer, and I can't wait to skip on over to Sephora and load up. That's the intended reaction, anyway, to this short clip from Macbarbie07, one of the most popular creators of haul videos on YouTube. The chatty teenager has this whole haul video thing down pat—she talks about what products she likes and holds them up so we can see the packaging. There's usually a comment or two about how it changed her life/made her day/saved her from fashion frumpiness. She's part of a trend that the pop-culture mavens at Intelligence Group say will become more pronounced as the holiday-shopping season gets into full swing. Macbarbie07 is a good example of the millennial generation's need for visual cues and peer reviews. It's the "just talk to me" generation, IG says, where haul videos from the likes of JuicyStar07, AllThatGlitters21 and RiceBunny are as important to certain demographics as paid advertising. Brands have already taken note, with North Face, Maybelline and others compiling haul videos that feature their products. Some sponsor the vloggers, who are obliged to disclose that fact but haven't seemed to suffer much of a backlash as a result. Though I’m not exactly the demo, I'll admit that a good tip can come from anywhere, and I'm inexplicably curious about what Macbarbie07 bought on her most recent Forever 21 shopping spree. It should be great for age-inappropriate ideas, and I have parties to attend. Fellow revelers, brace yourselves.


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