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November 05, 2010

Mother plays matchmaker in Dell's new 'Rendezvous' Streak spot

By David Kiefaber on Fri Nov 5 2010

Ad agency Mother did this spot for Dell's new Streak tablet, and it has the same yuppie social-media focus that just about every competing product does. That said, it's also the first new Dell ad I've seen in a while—part of a global rebranding in the wake of the whole Enfatico disaster. "We wanted to show that our technology enables something important—relationships—and forge an emotional connection with viewers," says Liz Matthews, Dell's global consumer brand director. The "meet cute" plot line is pleasantly inoffensive, though it's not totally clear why you'd need a device that's halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. Maybe they need a snappy tagline. How about "Dude, you're getting a Streak"?


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