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November 17, 2010

Geico considers insurance implications of 'Three Stooges' scene

By Todd Wasserman on Wed Nov 17 2010


Never let it be said that Geico lacks a sense of humor. While other brands are still wondering what to write on their Facebook pages, Geico has produced an Onion-esque bit of social-media noodling that's likely to keep its fans happy until the next caveman ad. On the company's blog, a Fredricksburg, Va.-based Geico claims adjuster named Brenda Shaw considers the policy implications of "Brideless Groom," a Three Stooges short. Would Geico cover all the stuff that gets broken in the skit? What about the harm done to each Stooge? "The bureau drawer that Moe smashed over Larry's head, that's an intentional act," Shaw writes. "But one of the fine distinctions would be, did Moe intend to cause injury or was the action taken for a different purpose?" Ah, we could ponder such things all day, but what about Shemp and his new wife—what should they do? Buy life insurance, of course. Next, a Pfizer rep will outline what sorts of psychotropic drugs the Stooges would need to chill out a bit.


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