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November 18, 2010

Beyoncé's Heat fragrance commercial proving too hot for some

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Nov 18 2010

What could be better than launching a celebrity perfume with a splashy ad campaign just before Christmas? Having that ad banned by the TV standards police. Pop singer/actress Beyoncé Knowles stars in a smokin' hot commercial for her already strong-selling new cologne called Heat. (The spot sizzles, literally, with plumes and everything.) It's set against her version of the sultry standard "Fever." The U.K.'s Ad Standards Authority, whose members have apparently never seen a music video, deemed it too racy for airing during the day, when kids might see it, but OK for after 7:30 p.m. The product is rolling out internationally, and the ads are just seeing the light of day (or not) in some territories. The perfume's marketer, Coty, said the ad is "sexy chic," like its inspiration, and isn't "overtly graphic or explicitly sexual." And she's not nekked, folks, so settle down, Coty said. The bottom line is that the controversy is great free publicity, and Knowles has never looked more gorgeous. Women may want to know how they can get cleavage like that as much as they wonder how the perfume smells, but either way, they're thinking about Heat.


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