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October 21, 2010

These days, literally anyone in film or TV can launch a product

By David Kiley on Thu Oct 21 2010


Celebrity brands and products pop up all the time, from Lee Iacocca pasta sauce to Donald Trump's Vodka (he doesn't drink, and his brother died from alcohol-related health problems, but that didn't stop the Donald) to Celine Dion's and Beyoncé's perfumes. After all, what are personal brand names good for, beyond making money off them? But just how far down the food chain is too far when it comes to trying to capitalize on fame?
  This week, Mad Men costume designer (OK, she is an Emmy Award winner, but still) Janie Bryant is launching a line of "retro-chic" nail polish called Nailtini, available at Duane Reade and QVC, among other outlets. Bryant says the colors (Stinger and Bourbon Satin among them), as well as the brand name, are inspired by cocktail culture. A day earlier, we saw a pitch for a fragrance being launched by casting agent Susan McCray, "who discovered talented gems such as Shannen Doherty and Melissa Gilbert while casting for Michael Landon's shows, including Little House on the Prairie. Mrs. McCray's 'life after Hollywood' is just as fascinating as her time in Tinseltown, as she is fulfilling her lifelong dream of launching her own luxurious fragrance line, Nightfall." McCray has a Web site, SusanMcCray.com, and a podcast in which she tries to capitalize on her Rolodex. Her latest guest is accordion legend Frank Marocco.
  What's next, a karaoke machine launched by the third associate director on American Idol? Island tours led by the gaffer from Lost?


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