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October 26, 2010

New MacBook Air ad hews closely to Apple advertising script

By Elena Malykhina on Tue Oct 26 2010

I think, by now, we've all come to recognize Apple's ads: The featured device against a solid background, a few moments of music followed by a showcase of the device's best features, and a closing statement that leaves you curious even if you're not an Apple fan. Behold this ad for the new MacBook Air from TBWA's Media Arts Lab. The ad opens with a shot of a closed laptop and a piano solo that builds as the voiceover says: "Everything we've learned has come down to this." A hand flips open the laptop sideways to reveal its slim form. "The next generation of MacBooks," the ad concludes. The spot may not seem to say much, but it accomplishes the main goal, which is to reveal the new model and intrigue consumers enough to make them do their own research. While some bloggers have dubbed the latest MacBook Air a larger, faster version of an iPad, "next generation" refers to the new 11.6" and 13.3" models, which reportedly, will be sold at lower pricepoints ($999-$1,599 versus $1,500-$1,800 for older models). The products are also said to have improved capabilities from the first generation of MacBook Airs. And with other big news coming from Apple, including the Lion operating system and the Mac App Store, the ad couldn't be more timely.


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