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October 28, 2010

New Coke Christmas song from Train is like coal in your stocking

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Oct 28 2010

Train_promo New from Train, the band I love to hate at the moment: another song that will inevitably get stuck in my brain and make me want to commit murder. This time instead of that inane ditty, “Hey Soul Sister” for Samsung, it's “Shake Up Christmas”” for Coca-Cola. “Ho, ho, ho,” the song goes, “shake up the happiness, come on y'all, it's Christmas time.” More ridiculousness follows—isten at your own risk. Can you believe it was written specifically for this campaign? (Sarcasm alert, which isn't very spirit-of-the-season of me, but can I help it if the song reads like a brand brief?) Coke is continuing two of its established trends here—relentless smiley-faced optimism and holiday-based advertising. The marketer intends to unleash this tune on 90 countries, presumably so our ears will bleed simultaneously in many languages. I'm all for spreading the love. But why does it have to sound so awful? To hear the song click here. Don't say you weren't warned.


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