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October 20, 2010

Ladies, would you buy a $795 pair of 'Tron: Legacy' high heels?

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Oct 20 2010


When are couture-inspired stilettos a good piece of movie marketing, and when are they just silly? According to Jezebel, Disney has come up with a $795 pair of futuristic-looking strappy sandals themed to the movie Tron: Legacy. While we can all argue about the price and relevance of such an item, let's back up a minute. First of all, high-end goods that launch with a movie are nothing new. They're almost de rigeur, depending on the flick and its target. (Example: Alice in Wonderland jewelry.) Second, designers like Jerome C. Rousseau, who created the sleek silver Tron heels, have been making deals with Hollywood for years, looking for a lift from the mega-million-dollar ad campaigns that surround event movies. Studios, in turn, enjoy the cachet (and potential revenue) they get from the association. That said, why would anybody want these kicks? If you're a woman with this kind of cash, would you a) be a fan of the December-opening sci-fi movie and b) want to display that on your feet? I wouldn't see much of a connection to the movie if a person were wearing the pricey footwear with no other outward signs of Tron: Legacy fandom. And in that case, what good does it do for Disney from an image-building/brand-awareness standpoint? Jezebel takes an even harsher view, saying: "There's something stomach-turning about the idea of Disney dangling a shiny shoe as a way to lure women into a movie about dudes playing video games." Plus, it's just opportunistic in a bad way, with the blog suggesting women can "smell a forced, non-organic, in-it-for-the-money marketing scheme a mile away. Manufactured cool is not cool." I'll be interested to see what the demand is for other Tron-linked products in the collection, like the $478 purse, the $495 earrings and the $2,600 necklace.


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