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October 15, 2010

JetBlue harasses folks on the ground, promises not to in the air

By Elena Malykhina on Fri Oct 15 2010

JetBlue is on cloud nine this week. With creative juices flowing thanks to its new agency Mullen, the carrier has debuted videos on YouTube that show how silly typical airline rules would seem on the ground. In this video, dubbed "Glass Half Full," a New York City street vendor tries to sell half a can of soda in a plastic cup with ice to customers. Expecting a full, unopened can, the pedestrians (who were captured on a hidden camera) express their dissatisfaction. One woman goes so far as to ask if there's something mentally wrong with the vendor. The point of the video? To show that while this stuff might be the norm for airlines, they don't fly on the ground. JetBlue slots the promotional message in at the end: "Get the whole can of soda and free unlimited brand-name snacks." The campaign is Mullen's first work for JetBlue, and includes other videos that show more ridiculous scenarios. See those after the jump.


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