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October 13, 2010

Hip-hop band stops traffic in L.A. with ill-advised guerrilla stunt

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Oct 13 2010

Don't we all just love a good guerrilla marketing stunt? Not if it plays out on a chaotic Los Angeles freeway, where a band called Imperial Stars, whom no one's ever heard of, decided to stop traffic—literally—on Tuesday. The obscure hip-hop trio parked a truck sideways on the 101 in Hollywood, climbed onto the roof and started performing a ditty called "Traffic Jam 101" while cars stacked up and tempers flared. What, no one appreciated a free show? Did they miss the lyrical irony? I'm only surprised commuters didn't take matters into their own hands. Instead, it was California Highway Patrol officers who dragged the morons down, arrested them and had their trucked towed off the highway. (Someone connected to the "hard-core" Orange County hip-hoppers had apparently taken the keys, so the vehicle was immobile). And for their next number? Road kill!


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