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September 27, 2010

Not a big fan of technology? You will love the Windows 7 phone

By Todd Wasserman on Mon Sep 27 2010

We've seen anti-technology ads from the likes of Dentyne before, but it's hard to recall such messaging bankrolled by a tech company. Until now, that is. A couple of ads for Microsoft's Windows 7 phone seem to make the claim that with the new device, we'll actually use our cell phones less. To underscore the problem, one ad (shown here) is a montage of cell-phone addicts missing real-life events to text or check their phones. One guy even drops his phone in a urinal and then retrieves it, eliciting a "Really?" from his neighbor at the next urinal. In another ad, a British woman chirps that her new W7 phone updates all the important stuff on the main window, allowing her to get in and get out, unlike the poor schlub behind her at the coffee shop who's holding up the queue. Maybe Microsoft is on to something here. After all, when was the last time you saw an ad from an oil company encouraging you to use more gasoline?


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