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September 03, 2010

'Machete' spoofs imagine other films based on racial stereotypes

By T.L. Stanley on Fri Sep 3 2010


Since the Mexploitation flick Machete started its life as a grindhouse trailer during Quentin Tarantino's shamefully underrated Grindhouse, it always seemed to me that its own TV advertising should've followed suit. Grainy, cheap, '70s-drive-in-quality spots that would've captured the spirit of its inspiration, a fabulous faux commercial starring Danny Trejo, and promised me it would be a bloody good time. The latter may still be true (fingers crossed), but I've been disappointed by the TV ads so far. The print campaign is slightly better, poking fun at a million action flicks that came before it. "Yesterday he was a decent man living a decent life. Now he is a brutal savage who must slaughter to stay alive. Danny Trejo is Machete." The parodies, on the other hand, are a real mixed (mostly racist) bag. Take a look at some of them here. (OK, the Cricket Bat one's kind of funny.) Meanwhile, a Fandango study found that fans want to see this hyper-violent flick because of director Robert Rodriguez, leathery leading man Trejo, and lovely Latinas Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez (in that order). Nearly 60 percent of fans said they're more interested in seeing Lindsay Lohan play a naughty nun in the R-rated flick because of all her real-life run-ins with the law; 54 percent want to check in on the movie's social commentary on immigration. About that last issue, blog Ugo says the central character is "a badass Mexican sex maniac quick with gardening tools who can brawl and eat a taco at the same time." Decide for yourself if you're offended. The movie opens today.


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