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August 30, 2010

'Mad Men' might just have cured the common hackneyed tagline

By Todd Wasserman on Mon Aug 30 2010


Viewers of last night's episode of Mad Men no doubt cringed when an aspiring young copywriter failed to bowl over Don Draper and Peggy Olson with a portfolio filled with variations on the tagline, "Cure for the common [fill in the blank]." Come to think of it, the slogan does sound pretty familiar. Who else has gone this hackneyed route? Nissan, for one. In 2001, the carmaker rolled out a campaign themed "The cure for the common car." Before that, in 1995, Chrysler hyped its 1995 Sebring as "The cure for the common coupe." The auto industry wasn't the only segment to fall prey. In 1986, Taco Bell dubbed itself "The cure for the common meal." In 2000, the NY Waterway system was "The cure for the common commute." USA Networks also advertised itself as the "Cure for the common show" back in 1997. Though it seems this strain of lazy thinking is endemic to the profession, take heart. After this exposure in Mad Men, we may finally have found a cure for the common "Cure for the common…" ads.


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