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August 17, 2010

Kids love veggies, or at least don't loathe them, in Boyardee ads

By Elaine Wong on Tue Aug 17 2010


Since when do kids love vegetables this much? OK, they probably don't really hug giant stalks of wheat or big bunches of broccoli. But they don't have to hate vegetables when there's Chef Boyardee. As these new DDB ads for ConAgra Foods point out, Chef Boyardee products contain "a full serving of vegetables." Parents, funnily enough, generally know better than to walk around telling their kids that. Building on the brand's "Obviously delicious. Secretly nutritious" campaign from last year, new TV ads show parents going to extremes to hide the fact that the meals are veggie-packed. In the spot below, one mom is even given a timeout by other moms—for almost telling her son. Now that's what we call one serious offense.


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