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August 30, 2010

Infiniti is the latest advertiser to waste the talents of Ken Jeong

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Aug 30 2010

Note to Ken Jeong, perhaps one of the funniest dudes around: Next time you're offered a gig in a piece of branded entertainment, turn it down. I repeat: Turn it down. So far, you're 0-for-2. The vignettes for Infiniti that aired during last night's Emmy Awards started out well enough, with Jeong's castmates from the underrated NBC sitcom Community heading to the award show in a luxury minivan. (References to homemade treats they brought with them, like How I Met Your Muffins and The New Adventures of Old Krispies, were cute.) Then, much as the Emmy telecast itself, the ad series waned as it unfolded, with little for Jeong to do but act surly and sleepy. He and another co-star, Jim Rash, who plays the hapless dean of Greendale Community College, filmed some branded vignettes with TurboTax in the spring, with a similar outcome. Just not that funny. Maybe there's still time for Jeong to graduate to comedy in this milieu, but so far I'd have to give him an incomplete.


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