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August 02, 2010

DirecTV ad exposes seamy underbelly of NFL fan rivalries

By Elena Malykhina on Mon Aug 2 2010

It's that time of year again. DirecTV is trying to get football fans to sign up for its "NFL Sunday Ticket" package, which carries a steep price of $299.95. The satellite service provider is reportedly spending $100 million on an ad campaign promoting the plan, which lets fans watch NFL games not available through local affiliates. The TV spots, from Deutsch, New York, center on the fact sports fans can enjoy watching their favorite teams no matter where they reside. One ad, "Cheeseheads," shows a Green Bay Packers fan talking in a Fargo-like accent to a priest on her couch at home. She tells the priest that her husband is upset because the new neighbors from San Francisco have DirecTV and watch the 49ers every week. She reveals that she has sent the neighbor a cheese platter to welcome him. The priest seems to think she's a kind woman, but doesn't know that she spelled out the word "dirt bag" in cheese. In another ad, a trophy wife from Dallas vents her anger at a local Redskins fan by letting her dog chew up his welcome mat, knock over the flowers and pee on the rug. In still another, a pair of "Masshole" Patriots fans sneer at a local follower of the Dolphins and toss some snow at his door. Can't we all get along?


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