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July 01, 2010

Norwegian cinema dramatizes Java's battle against Microsoft's .Net

Posted on Thu Jul 1 2010

The debate between Oracle's Java and Microsoft's .Net software is heating up, at least in Sweden Norway, judging by this fake red-band trailer for a pro-Java movie. Java 4-Ever tells the story of a young Swede Norwegian who rebels against his father's strict devotion to .Net and gravitates toward the dreaded Java. Here, Java is presented as a choice akin to homosexuality. His son being queer for Java eventually hastens the father's death and leads to a moment of doubt for the young man, too. ("Maybe you were right, Dad," he says to the tombstone. "Maybe it's easier if Microsoft sets the standard.") But a young hottie played by "Scala Johansson" convinces him otherwise, and soon the two are entering Java code in a highly original way. If you see just one trailer for a fake movie about Java today, make it this one.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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