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July 20, 2010

New Virgin Mobile ads tell kids it's better to be crazy than stupid

By Todd Wasserman on Tue Jul 20 2010

As Lindsay Lohan's plight shows, being a twentysomething these days isn't all peaches and cream. There are no jobs for you, and you have to wear those doofy semi-ironic fedoras or—for the fellas—unsightly facial hair. To make matters worse, advertisers are constantly telling you to be this or that. Earlier this year, for instance, Diesel made being stupid all the rage. But now, Virgin Mobile and its hipster ad agency, Mother, are telling Gen Y to "say goodbye to stupid" and hello to "crazy." Seems like solid advice. Upon greater reflection, being stupid isn't all that cool, but being crazy has its appeal, in that James Dean beautiful loser kind of way. If you could somehow be stupid and crazy, though, you might just be onto something.


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