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July 13, 2010

Mmm, I cannot resist you, footlong cheeseburger from Carl's Jr.

By David Kiefaber on Tue Jul 13 2010


Carl's Jr., better known as Hardee's to East Coasters like myself, is testing out a rollicking Footlong Cheeseburger, better known as a cheeseburger sub, which is drawing comparisons in the unhealthiness department to KFC's Double Down. They aren't even putting any kind of unique Carl's Jr./Hardee's spin on it—the sandwich is literally several hamburger patties laid end to end inside a sub roll. Which is probably delicious, yes, but hardly worth much attention, since any pizza place worth its rarely cleaned oven offers cheeseburger subs. Still, Foodbeast stirs the pot with the comparison to the Double Down. I hope Hardee's isn't simply joining the arms race toward every more unhealthy foods. The concept of mutually assured destruction isn't very comforting when you're talking about your arteries.


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