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July 27, 2010

Michelin Man continues battle with not-so-scary villains

By Elena Malykhina on Tue Jul 27 2010

Michelin has dreamed up yet another adventure for its brand mascot, the Michelin Man. The tire company this week unveiled a third TV spot as part of its ongoing global campaign, dubbed "The Right Tire Changes Everything." In April, Michelin introduced a TV spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day showing the Michelin Man battling an "evil gas pump." This time, the character battles a "hungry road" that requires drivers to constantly buy new tires. Using similar fast-paced animation as previous spots, the ad shows the pneumatic dude coming to the rescue and supplying drivers with Michelin's HydroEdge tires. Maybe it's just me, but the latest ad seems to be more lighthearted than the previous one. Sure there's still a villain involved, it's just not as terrifying as the "evil gas pump." Perhaps Michelin is just rolling (pun intended) with the times, and by that, I mean an improving economy.


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