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June 10, 2010

K-Y's edible sex lube clears up any problems in your relationship

Posted on Thu Jun 10 2010


The next time you're in trouble with the missus, just break out the K-Y. That's the message behind some new ads from Mother, New York, for K-Y Kissable Sensations, a version of the company's sex lube that evokes the taste and smell of food. Check out three spots after the jump. Apparently, the promise of yummy glop breaks the ice between couples who have recently had a falling out. In one ad, a woman isn't even speaking to her husband, until he produces the magic goo. To explain the product's efficacy, the ad uses time-worn metaphors for copulation like trains, cars jumping ramps and a bursting watermelon (the latter in connection with an African American couple—calling the PC police!). One question for Mother & Co: Why are the women always opting for the chocolate while the men get strawberry? Don't men like chocolate, too? Especially Sexual Chocolate?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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