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June 07, 2010

BP's man-on-the-street ad testimonials suddenly covered in oil

Posted on Mon Jun 7 2010

In his most recent Real Time broadcast on HBO, Bill Maher questioned the 20 percent or so of the American public who, according to polls, think BP is doing a good job with its oil drilling. Maher wondered what BP would have to do to change those people's opinion and suggested the company go door to door spraying them with oil. According to this video from Second City, even that wouldn't do much. This is basically a spoof of a pre-spill BP commercial, except the people on the street who offer testimonials about alternative energy happen to be dripping with oil (and in one case having crude dumped on his head). As many including Brandweek have noted, it will be all but impossible to take "Beyond Petroleum" seriously again after this latest environmental disaster. Unless BP has a junk shot up its sleeve, that is.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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