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June 14, 2010

BP executives have an extremely hard time with all sorts of spills

Posted on Mon Jun 14 2010

There are a bunch of BP parody videos out there, but this one, featuring BP execs spilling coffee, seems to the most popular, with 3 million hits and counting. The premise is beyond stupid: A bunch of BPers in a conference room spill coffee on a table and then debate what to do about it. Perhaps the funniest moment is when one pulls out a paper towel ... and proceeds to draw up a plan on it (for a jerry-rigged cup that of course doesn't work). As they grow more desperate, they call on Halliburton execs (who dodge the blame) and then Kevin Costner (whose idea of launching a golf ball at the spill fails miserably). Again, not hilarious, but decent. I'm sure satirists are working around the clock on more parodies, though. They'll get this done. They will make this right.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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