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April 14, 2010

Tech women spam Barbie's career contest, turn her into a geek

Posted on Wed Apr 14 2010


Barbie got her geek on recently, complete with nerdy glasses and a laptop, but don't think little girls across the country were responsible for turning the iconic job-hopping doll into a computer engineer. They would've rather seen her become an anchorwoman, according to the results of Mattel's online voting for Barbie's new job. So, who picked the techy career? Not Barbie's fans of today, but as we'll kindly call them, her fans of yesterday. The contest, open to anyone, kicked off in January and gave fans five career choices, including environmentalist and surgeon. During its four-week run, some 600,000 votes were cast, and according to The Wall Street Journal, adult women in tech fields got way into it. They were so passionate about turning Barbie—former fashion model, stewardess, pop singer—into a tech geel that they sent out a collective 1,840 Tweets about it. Groups like the Society of Women Engineers got involved, as did female academics and scientists. In the end, they won the popular vote and even had a say in how computer engineer Barbie would be designed. (That's her on the left in the photo. No drab lab coats, please!) But since kids always get what kids want, there's an anchorwoman Barbie coming, too. (She's on the right.) Check for the anchorwoman this fall and the computer engineer during the winter. And read the fascinating Journal story to see how it all happened.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


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