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April 15, 2010

Spirit Airlines tries to laugh off public's anger over baggage fees

Posted on Thu Apr 15 2010

Spirit Airlines, the brand that brought you a "MILF" promo and a "MUFF" promo for divers, is attempting to employ its irreverent brand positioning to counter the noxious buzz it incurred after airing plans to charge a $45 fee for carry-on luggage. The point man for this obfuscation is president/CEO Ben Baldanza, who explains in this video that the fees were implemented to address flight delays and long lines prompted by overstuffed overhead bins. With Orwellian logic, Baldanza concludes that the new fees will reduce ticket prices for the average passenger. To make the point, the initial shot shows Baldanza delivering his spiel while positioned sideways in a cramped space. A reveal completes the visual joke: The exec has crammed himself into one of the overhead bins (though it's unclear what's going on with his legs). Will humor deflect the bad PR? Well, Chuck Schumer, for one, isn't amused.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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