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April 07, 2010

Polaroid and Vitaminwater caught up in CW's 'Gossip Girl' drama

Posted on Wed Apr 7 2010

Lady Gaga. Gossip Girl. Assassin. Polaroid. What do these things have in common? I asked myself that question during Monday night's episode of Gossip Girl on the CW. (Big fan—don't judge me.) And I've started to connect the dots, so try to keep up, OK? Lady Gaga had a much-buzzed-about cameo on the soapy series last fall. Then, a couple of months later, she became Polaroid's creative director and inventor of specialty products. On Monday's GG, Serena organized an elaborate game of Assassin for hot boyfriend Nate's birthday. Centerpiece of the game: Polaroids hanging around every player's neck. Lose your pic, lose your "life." The camera dispensing the photos got screen time, as did plenty of Upper East Siders' mug shots on Polaroid instant film. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe one of Lady Gaga's job responsibilities is to get Polaroid placed on as many hip, young TV shows as possible. She already did her part in her own new music video for the single "Telephone." (Or more likely, there's a deeper relationship between network and brand.) Bloggers and fans are chattering about the episode—"Blair and Chuck broke up? What, what, what?"—but mostly about whether rich prep schoolers in Manhattan would play a nerdy game like Assassin. (Consensus: Sure, why not?) I say it was a prime opportunity for Polaroid placement, and the CW, keen on such deals, took full advantage. Also Monday night: a cool, vintage-looking vignette of Chuck Bass, the ultimate ladies man, sponsored by Vitaminwater, a brand that's had prominent placement on the show before. CW integration folks, give yourselves a raise!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


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