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April 01, 2010

'Insanely funny' humor site about Apple is not actually that funny

Posted on Thu Apr 1 2010


Any member of the press who's ever tried to write about Apple can attest that the company doesn't have a great sense of humor. The company's Stalinesque grip on information no doubt helps create maximum buzz for every announcement, but it's also at odds with the brand's genial image fostered via advertising. That's why it's somewhat surprising that two TBWA\Chiat\Day insiders have started an Onion-like humor site called Scoopertino that aims to be "insanely funny." Michael Rylander and Ken Segall, two of the brains behind the "Think different" campaign, launched the site with some stuff that so far is, at best, sanely funny. "Apple Board Fractures in Steve Jobs Salary Spat," reads one headline, noting that Jobs is asking for a 5-cent raise over his current $1. "Apple Store Experimenting with Genius Bar Wedding Service," reads another, which is less funny than plausible since a couple did recently get married in an Apple Store. It's humor in that vein—gentle swipes that seem aimed more at the rumors around Apple than at the company itself. It's certainly not the more pointed (and amazingly prescient) stuff like this that The Onion has published.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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