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March 10, 2010

After the Old Spice ad hits, suddenly everyone is on a horse

Posted on Wed Mar 10 2010

You knew it wouldn't take long for someone to parody those already-tongue-in-cheek Old Spice ads from Weiden + Kennedy, right? As "I'm on a horse" becomes a debatable catchphrase, and gets at least one loving tribute, one wag has imagined how Apple might appropriate the Old Spice messaging for its own purposes. "Hello, geeks. Take a look at your phone and now back at mine. Now back at your phone," a geeky-looking guy challenges, suggesting that the viewer buy an Apple phone versus "girly phones" from T-Mobile and Sprint. The fake ad then uses a similar sleight-of-hand to show the announcer switching locations without breaking conversational stride. "We're in an Apple Store. In a black turtleneck. With a phone that could be like mine." Meanwhile, someone else has introduced a more entertaining variation on the Old Spice parody with a talking sausage

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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