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January 11, 2010

Why should we believe Domino's now if they were lying before?

Posted on Mon Jan 11 2010

Hawking a product as "new and improved" has to be one of the oldest tricks in advertising, but Domino's has gone one better (or worse) with a new campaign that touts a from-the-ground-up rebuild of their pizzas. Why was that necessary? Because the old ones tasted like crap, according to the commercials themselves, which quote liberally from consumers who obviously weren't stoned enough to look past the ketchup-y sauce, cardboard crust and toppings of questionable origin. The irony of this campaign—look, real cheese now, we promise!—isn't lost on Stephen Colbert, who props up and deflates brands, including his Comedy Central show's sponsors, with equal gusto. Colbert last week named Domino's his Alpha Dog of the Week for "having the meatballs to say, 'We suck,' " while never apologizing for the steady stream of garbage they'd been shoveling out for years. To drive the point home, The Colbert Report compiled a highlight reel of prior Domino's ads claiming delicious, cheesy goodness and then showed the current CEO talking about "weakness in the core product." Colbert choked up on a taste test of the revamped recipe. If consumers do the same, we'll probably be hearing about that in the next round of advertising. Eat up, America!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


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