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January 25, 2010

DDB and Bud Light reimagine 'Swear Jar' with a lot more nudity

Posted on Mon Jan 25 2010

Bud Light is going back to the well to get a little pre-Super Bowl buzz going. In particular, the brand and agency DDB are reimagining their famous "Swear Jar" ad from 2007 as a clothing drive. In the old ad, employees put money into a jar every time they said something profane. When told it would subsidize the purchase of Bud Light, they all began swearing like Dick Cheney, though the actual words were bleeped out. Here, each article of clothing donated nets a bottle of Bud Light. Soon, we see people in an office environment walking around in skivvies (and generally flabby bods) and then nothing at all. It looks like they got a lot of the same actors this time around, but for some reason, it's not quite as hilarious, maybe because it's just a twist on an old (though great) idea and the surprise of the original is gone. Still, I bet it shows up on a lot of Facebook pages this week.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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