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December 15, 2009

Wieden's new Honda commercial is itself a marvel of engineering

Posted on Tue Dec 15 2009

In this new spot for Honda U.K., Wieden + Kennedy London details the breadth of the automaker's engineering expertise, ranging from ATVs and marine engines to motorcycles and the humanoid robot Asimo—and to cars, of course, particularly Honda's British-produced Civic model. The 60-second ad "Everything" breaks on Thursday in U.K. cinemas that are premiering James Cameron's Avatar. The agency considered doing a 3-D shoot similar to that used in the blockbuster film. But it wouldn't have worked for the spot's film technique, which is jaw-dropping even by the standards of complexity in the agency's previous Honda commercials like "Cog." (Another collaboration, "Grrr," was named Commercial of the Decade by AdweekMedia.) The fluid series of fractured visuals, music and sound design required 972 edits over 17 video layers, essentially making each section an edit in itself. The soundtrack, "Atlas" by Battles, was rearranged to fit the picture and reflect the editing style used for the ad.

—Posted by Noreen O'Leary


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