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November 13, 2009

Use Trojan condoms to prevent giving birth to obnoxious people

Posted on Fri Nov 13 2009

Have you ever sat next to an annoying guy in a movie theater? I'm talking someone so obnoxious, so rude and so messy, you were tempted to dump your entire bucket of popcorn on him? According to Trojan, that mistake—meaning the guy himself—could have been prevented if his parents had only used a condom. The condom maker partnered with Atom.com to create this educational video, which shows the consequences of unsafe sex. The video introduces the annoying movie-theater guy, Jed, and then takes us back to 1977, when his parents made a bad decision. The video might offend some, since nobody likes to think they're a mistake, even if born unplanned. But through humor, Trojan tries to portray Jed's parents as two very careless people who say "Who cares? What can happen?" and get their answer after it's too late. Trojan basically says you have no excuses. If you were embarrassed to carry a condom before, now there's a new pocket-sized card you can carry discreetly, called Trojan 2Go, which we find out at the end is what the company has been promoting all along.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina


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