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November 25, 2009

PETA wishes you an uncomfortable, guilt-ridden Thanksgiving

Posted on Wed Nov 25 2009

Leave to PETA to be a buzzkill during Thanksgiving. When most Americans are looking forward to some downtime, a bit of football and, of course, turkey, PETA has released a "banned by NBC" ad showing a little girl saying grace before the Thanksgiving feast. According to PETA, she "tells it like it is," which translates thusly: "Dear God, thank you for the turkey we're about to eat, and for the turkey farms, where they pack them into tiny dark little sheds for their whole lives. Thank you for when they burn their feathers off when they're still alive or when the turkey gets killed by people who think it's fun to stomp on their little turkey heads. And special thanks for all the chemicals and dirt and poop that's in the turkey we're about to eat." Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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