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November 05, 2009

Motorola finds a nice, cozy place inside Facebook status updates

Posted on Thu Nov 5 2009


David Armano posted an alert on his Posterous blog this week that Motorola has somehow been getting into Facebook streams. He noticed the cell phone maker's logo appearing next to some status updates. After looking around, I found a Motorola page on Facebook, rich in fans and various elements touting Motoblur, a new service from Motorola that the company claims "puts everything you're into at your fingertips." The service, available on the Andoid-based CLIQ smartphone, is in essence a unified inbox for texts, e-mails and messages from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Motorola told me that the small Motorola logo appears when consumers use Motoblur to update Facebook from their CLIQ phones. Given the social nature of Motoblur, it's no surprise the phone maker is using a social network to get buzz going. It's proof that we're more connected than ever, and that we can't escape brand advertising, not even in our private, and yet very public, digital world.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina


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