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October 06, 2009

You've Elfed and Scooged yourself. Now, Black Dynamite Yo'Self

Posted on Tue Oct 6 2009


For those who never got tired of Elfing themselves (who did?), there's a new viral time waster on the scene that you might want to check out. Black Dynamite Yo'Self will do double duty, promoting the indie flick Black Dynamite, a pitch-perfect ode to blaxploitation films from the '70s, and making you look like a straight-up pimp. Sure, it could have more accoutrements, but the beauty of it and all similar applications (SimpsonizeMe, Become an M&M, ScroogeYourself, be on a Wheaties box) is that they're simple and addictive. I was just hoping for a white-girl 'fro and some Cleopatra makeup. But I'll settle for the prodigious facial hair, aviator shades and kung-fu headband. In fact, the funkified theme music alone was enough to keep me around for a while. The R-rated movie stars Michael Jai White, who also co-wrote the screenplay, as a badass crime fighter who speaks of himself in the third person, wears "$100 suits" and always has time for the ladies. A favorite on the festival circuit, it opens Oct. 16 in art houses across the country. Righteous!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


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