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October 20, 2009

Would you like Sony to blast your town with sound at all hours?

Posted on Tue Oct 20 2009

Every once in a while, a commercial comes along that's completely puzzling. Sony's "Soundville" video above, for instance, leaves me scratching my head for several reasons. The idea was to hire Juan "Cadbury Gorilla " Cabral, the Argentine commercial director, to show how Sony's speakers can enliven drab surroundings. Cabral pulled off a similar feat for Sony in 2006, when he set off dozens of huge paint jets to color a Glasgow housing project. But here, he and Fallon London have picked Seydisfjordur, a small village in Iceland, to attempt the same idea with acoustics. While I think the intent is to see this and think "the power of music," instead I thought "martial law." I also wondered how the villagers felt about having music piped in at all hours. I'm not the only one. Creative Review in the U.K., for one noted: "It does beg the question about what scenes were left on the cutting-room floor however, with the villagers appearing to relish the sound intrusion in their lives (with the odd expression of surprise), rather than reacting in the angry way one might expect when your village gets taken over by an ad agency." Also, why Iceland? I mean, I know this wouldn't work the same in, say, Rio, but haven't these Icelanders suffered enough recently?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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