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October 13, 2009

Volkswagen comes up with piano stairs and other fun diversions

Posted on Tue Oct 13 2009

Sure, we all know walking up the stairs is better for you than taking the escalator, but how can you get people to do it? By making it fun. That's the idea behind this campaign from Volkswagen and DDB Stockholm, themed "The Fun Theory Dot Com." VW makes its point by having a crew come in late at night and turn the stairs next to an escalator at a train station into a giant piano. Suddenly, stairs seem fun. Then the crew puts an electronic device into a garbage can, so when you throw in some trash, it sounds like it's falling down a giant chasm before the final splat. Yes, this doesn't have much to do with cars, but linking the VW brand to "fun" is a great idea. The catch is that this campaign is happening in Europe. I'm not sure if these guys could drop a device into a garbage can in, say, New York, without getting a one-way ticket to Guantanamo.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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