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October 19, 2009

Stephen Colbert defends mayo from vicious Miracle Whip attacks

Posted on Mon Oct 19 2009

Stephen Colbert won't sit idly by and watch the current "schmear" campaign that's happening in the sandwich-spread aisle. He's outraged at a Miracle Whip commercial that tells the 18-34s it's targeting: "Don't go unnoticed. Don't blend in. Don't be so mayo." Colbert and his team answered that attack ad on his late-night Comedy Central show recently with a shot-for-shot parody to support mayonnaise, "the illest condiment." Silence, "mayo-naysayers!" Miracle Whip's campaign, from mcgarrybowen, is part of a brand overhaul that's aimed at reinventing the product, which launched during the Great Depression as a low-cost mayo substitute. Colbert, for one, isn't buying it. "Miracle Wimp," anyone?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley


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