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October 30, 2009

KFC's United Nations stunt, which sucked, somehow got worse

Posted on Fri Oct 30 2009


There's viral marketing, and then there's being a dick. And KFC seems to have crossed the line. As previously reported here, the chicken chain sent a tongue-in-cheek letter to the United Nations Secretary General asking that "Grilled Nation" get a seat at the organization's table. OK. Ha ha. But now we learn that KFC has taken the joke a step further. An actor dressed as the late Col. Sanders somehow got into the U.N. this week and shook hands with Ali Treki, the new president of the General Assembly. The U.N. is now investigating how the man breached several layers of security to get in. If buzz was the goal, KFC has clearly got it through this stunt, but this Borat-style marketing is frankly embarrassing. Then again, maybe it's not KFC's fault. Rep Laurie Schalow, speaking to Slashfood,  blamed a confluence of events for the Colonel's appearance. "The KFC Colonel was in New York City for a Kentucky Grilled Chicken sampling event outside the United Nations," she said. "While serving free chicken on First Avenue, he was invited inside by a U.N. staff member, along with a photographer who was documenting the event." Added Schalow: "KFC has the utmost respect for the United Nations, and this lighthearted event in New York City was in no way meant to undermine the important work that the U.N. does around the world."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman


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