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October 22, 2009

KFC's stupidity shines on global stage with United Nations stunt

Posted on Thu Oct 22 2009


The United Nations is a pretty important organization. In its pursuit of social progress, human rights and peaceful resolutions to the world's conflicts, it's got a lot on its plate. Does it really need a helping of grilled chicken, too? Kentucky Fried Chicken thinks so. In its latest cry for attention, the nation's top chicken chain has sent a letter to the UN Secretary General requesting that "Grilled Nation" earn a seat at the organization's table. ("Grilled Nation" is the name KFC has given to the 60 million people who have allegedly tried its grilled chicken. Not to mention a lame rip-off of Colbert Nation.) The letter asks that the Secretary General call a special lunch break so that UN member can "unthink" their regular lunch routines. This promotion is so incredibly lame that KFC should unthink the agency that came up with it, as well as the strategy of steering people away from fried food, which is still its specialty. The stupidity will get ratcheted up another level on Monday, which has been declared "UNFry Day." Consumers will get another stab at some free chicken at 5,000 KFCs. Don't tell Oprah.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein


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