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September 09, 2009

'Getting it in the can' is the best thing Bud Light's done in a while

Posted on Wed Sep 9 2009

Apparently, Bud Light can't do anything right. After years of strong ads, the No. 1 beer brand served up the awful "Drinkability" campaign. Recognizing the error in its ways, it scrapped that work after a year and is now kicking off football season with its "Tailgate approved" effort. Right off the bat, Anheuser-Busch came under fire for creating "fan cans" that are decked out in the colors of local colleges. University heads around the country decried them for encouraging binge drinking. Then the TV ads, which spoof infomerical king Billy Mays, hit the air. Not only is mocking cheesy DRTV ads a tired idea, but Mays recently died of a heart attack. Now, I realize Mays isn't Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett, but aren't these ads kind of tasteless, all things considered? Still, one advertising trade magazine thinks the new Bud Light Lime viral effort (from DDB Chicago) that talks about "getting it in the can" is even more tasteless. I couldn't disagree more. The problem with Bud Light and beer advertising in general is that brands are afraid to have fun. Sure, thinly veiled anal-sex jokes appeal to "the lowest common denominator," but who cares? We're talking about beer. A-B and its agencies need to have a couple and loosen up even more, because its recent run of ads have been a buzzkill.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein


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